Wheelchairs for the elderly

Wheelchairs for seniors

We have a wide range of wheelchairs to suit elders.
The cornerstone of Old is Gold Store’s success has been fair prices, detailed knowledge & superior customer care. Selecting the right wheelchair that is most suited, factors in multiple aspects that spans from user health condition, environment, frequency of travel etc. Old is Gold Store not only offers an assortment of models but has earned the respect of its patrons by helping them make an informed decision by offering its collective expertise.

Wheelchairs are of different types primarily attendant & self propelled. A self propelled is equipped with large wheels with an outer push ring that allows users to propel & navigate the wheel chair using their arms. An attendant wheel chair comes with a smaller set of wheels with handles for an attendant to push the wheelchair around.

There is a wheel chair for every condition and need. There are light weight transit wheel chairs that are primarily aimed as mobility aid while travelling by air or train. These are designed to be folded into a very small size and usually constructed of aluminum to make them light weight.

There are wheel chairs equipped with a commode; there are reclining wheelchairs that can be straightened out to function temporarily as a bed or a wheeled stretcher.

There are also special bariatric wheelchairs equipped for persons who are bulky or obese and these are usually equipped with pneumatic tyres for smoother travel with the weight of the person.

A range of powered wheelchairs are available that help users to maneuvered using a joy stick type of control and this also variants known as the stand up wheel chair which can lift the persons using to a standing position.

Choosing a wheel chair will be wiser factoring in all conditions and needs and Old is Gold Store has the experience and expertise, to guide you make the right choice.

If you are looking to buy a wheelchair do seek our guidance and it comes with no strings attached.