Toilet aids & equipment for seniors

Toilet Aids
Toilet aids are designed to make going to the toilet a much easier, safe and relaxing experience for the elderly and disabled. Toilet aids can help seniors maintain dignity and independence in the home. Opt for user friendly aids and equipment to enable seniors to regain independence. The range of products include raised toilet seats, commodes, toilet rails and bidets.

Commode Accessories
Commode Accessories include Indian to western commode convertor which is foldable and quite easy to carry. Toilet raiser for western commode which Makes sitting down and getting up from the toilet bowl easier and less painful. Commode chairs with removable non-stain, odor resistant plastic pail.

Bidets are ideal for people who have limited mobility in their hands and requires no external power and works based on the water pressure. Also available : Single telescopic retractable nozzle bidet with water pressure control and Double Nozzle bidet-separate nozzle for posterior wash and front wash for ladies.

Toilet Safety Rail and arm rest
Rust Proof Stainless Steel Toilet Safety Rail makes getting up and sitting on the toilet an easier & safer task. Also available toilet foldable arm rest which is ideal for western commodes that have no walls nearby.