Home Safety Audit for Senior Citizens

Evaluate your house in terms of safety
The audit is done free of cost with no strings attached

Old is Gold Store – offers as part of its services, “Home Safety Audit”.
Home Safety Audit is for senior citizens who wish to evaluate their house in terms of safety for everyday living. The audit is done free of cost with no strings attached.

Taking into consideration the age and condition of elders living in the house the audit will aim to suggest minimal changes that can be incorporated easily and inexpensively, to make the home secure, safer and comfortable for senior citizens. One of the thrust areas would be to dramatically reduce the chances of falling down as this is a very common occurrence as people age and very often reason for hospitalization.

Home Safety Audit will also seek to identify dangers from electrical shocks, slippery surfaces, badly lit passages, intrusion weak spots etc.

On completion of the audit a report is submitted for action. The objective is that Senior living is free from dangers that can be avoided.

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